Monday, March 9, 2009

Happy Golden Birthday BARBIE!!

When Barbie came out in 1959, my next-door neighbor, Colleen, got one. I still remember Barbie and her little black and white swimsuit that was just like one my mother wore. I was, according to my parents, too old to have a Barbie, but I sure enjoyed the one Colleen had. She had lots of clothes for her, too. We spent many hours playing with Barbie that summer before I entered junior high.

I've owned a number of newer Barbies, but have passed most of them on to one of my nieces who loves Barbie. Some of my Barbies I have donated to a lady who makes trips to Guatemala and gives them out to the young girls who live at the dumps as an incentive to get them to see the visiting doctors. The girls love the Barbies and other donated toys she brings. She makes a trip every November.

So to you dear BARBIE, who has filled many a childhood hour with fun, frivolity, and fashion, HAPPY 50th BIRTHDAY.