Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Vita Tosca Diva by Horsman

Here is the lovely Vita Tosca Diva. She is a ball-jointed doll and likes to pose. I did find her very hard to dress. The little tights were tight (elastic at the waist would have helped). The sleeves of the long coat were also difficult. I'm not too impressed with her hair, it seems thin. She is very light in weight. All of the joints work very well and hold a pose. Her hip joints did make a noise when moved. She is not nearly as nice as the Goodreau doll, not quite as expensive either.

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Karen Heiser said...

I have this Tosca Vita doll and I think she's a blast. Mine has super thick hair. A few twists and bends and she's in a graceful and natural pose. So much fun! I agree about the tights. There are new Vita dolls that have removable hands (the hands are nice-looking and there are two sets) and she is much easier to dress. I'd like to know if you like her better now that you've had her for a while.